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Magic Audio CD Burner


Magic Video Software Inc. - February 21, 2008
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Publisher's description

Magic Audio CD Burner is a professional software to burn CDs.It can Burn custom music CDs from MP3s, WAVs, WMAs, OGGs;EASY TO USE interface, Drag and Drop support;On the fly conversion of MP3 WMA OGG files - No temporary file involved;Perfect MP3 WMA OGG decoding quality;Support most popular CD Recorders;Supports "Burn-Proof" CDR-W drives With a built-in mini player;And much more...
With it, you can play CDs back in your car or home stereo or portable CD player! It is fairly simple to use and just a couple of clicks will get you burning. Have more fun with your downloaded MP3 and 'ripped' mp3s!

Minimum requirements

• Pentium 233 MHz
• 64 MB RAM
• 50MB HD

Limitations in the unregistered version

• 30-day trial

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Uninstaller: not included

Release date: 2/20/08

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